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About us

       Prashant H. Nirkhi
     Development Officer

Hello, Hearty welcome to my website. This website is designed to cater a new golden career path for you.  As  you  are  aware  that  LIC  Of  India  is  an  organisation  bearing  a  strong  base  of  policy  holders  which  none  other  insurance  company  in  the  world  has  ever  had.  It  is  unique  in  maintaining  top  rank  in  its  products  and  services  having  maintained  most  popular  brand  position. As LIC agent you will definitely like to provide life cover with a blend of savings that will help your clients at different stages of life and off course in so doing you will see your dreams come true.

About Myself:
Born on 20th August in Aurangabad,  joined  Life  Insurance  Corporation  Of  India  in  1993.  Joined  marketing  stream  as  a  development  officer  in  2002  and  attached  to  Branch  883  Yogakshema  Nariman  point  Mumbai.  I  am  a  proud  LICIAN  representing  world's  biggest  insurer  with  over  28  crores   life  insurance   policies  and  assets  of  over  RS.  1100,000  crores. LIC is enjoying the most trusted service brand status since last 5 years. It has over 12 lac insurance agents across India.

About MY Education:

   B.Sc. (Agriculture) Gold Medallist from MPAU Rahuri
   LL.B. from Dr.BAMU Aurangabad
   B.J. from Dr.BAMU Aurangabad
   M.M.C.J. from Dr.BAMU Aurangabad
   D.L.L. . from Dr.BAMU Aurangabad
   D.I.M. from IGNOU New Delhi
   A.I.I.I. from III Mumbai
  C.I.S.(L) from III Mumbai
  C.I.S.(NL) from III Mumbai
  F.I.I.I. from III Mumbai

My Work Profile:

   Selection, Recruitment and Training of Agents for Life Insurance Corporation  Of India.
  Help people secure their lives with secured savings for sound future throughthe appointed agents.
  Frame career path for the agents and to see them auger/develop being their mentor, friend and off course guide.

My Hobbies:
Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Face Reading, Meditation, Listening Music, Reading Books.
I  am  also  studying  occult  sciences.
I have secured honours like Jyotish Bruhaspati, Jyotish Samrat, Raj Jyotishi, Jyotish Dronacharya, Vastu Vidyabharati, Samudrik Shastri.
I believe in job satisfaction and multifocal vision to attain and to grow entrepreneurial spirit.
Which is very much a part of my job. I create, nurture and develop my team member as an entrepreneur.

My Mission:
Enabling people to become financially and socially sound and be a part of their success stories.

My Vision:
To create a strong and vibrant team of sound professionals and to lead them.

My core values:
  Public welfare through insurance.
  Train agents rendering service at all levels.
  Bring transformation in the lives of people.
  Entrepreneurial spirit.
  Whosoever zealous and enthusiastic to render people quality life, service and yearning to be Something special!join my team. Appreciate your feedback.

About- LIC:-

Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) is the largest insurance group and investment company in India. Its a state-owned where Government of India has 100% stake. LIC also funds close to 24.6% of the Indian Government's expenses. It has assets estimated of 13.25 trillion (US$264.34 billion).It was founded in 1956 with the merger of 243 insurance companies and provident societies.

Headquartered in Mumbai, financial and commercial capital of India,the Life Insurance Corporation of India currently has 8 zonal Offices and 113 divisional offices located in different parts of India, around 3500 servicing offices including 2048 branches, 54 Customer Zones, 25 Metro Area Service Hubs and a number of Satellite Offices located in different cities and towns of India and has a network of 13,37,064 individual agents, 242 Corporate Agents, 79 Referral Agents, 98 Brokers and 42 Banks (as on 31.3.2011) for soliciting life insurance business from the public.